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Drivers of BJJ Culture 

Based on the success of Jits Magazine, a legendary jiu-jitsu industry lifestyle print publication, JitsTV, its television and online media division, and Jits Shop, its e-commerce superstore, the Jits brand has grown over the course of a decade into the quintessential definition of BJJ lifestyle.

BJJ, known as “the gentle art”, is the clean and friendly cousin of MMA, and is truly accessible, offering a lifetime of learning, positive direction and healthy competition. Today, an entire subculture has developed surrounding BJJ, characterized by the lifestyle as much as the sport itself, a lifestyle much akin to that of surfing, yoga, and action sports. BJJ is now one of the single fastest-growing sports on the planet, and Jits is the authentic, defining brand poised to drive this lifestyle and culture to the mainstream. As a result of its continuous grassroots publishing, marketing and product development, Jits as a brand is strongly trending, and is now poised to enter the realm of licensing. Plans call for a wide range of Jits branded products, including apparel, accessories, personal care, nutrition, as well as food & beverage.

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