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JAM Brands is a licensing consultancy that focuses on the development and management of licensing programs for lifestyle brands. We are obsessed with acquiring an in-depth understanding of the products and service categories involved for each individual brand and identifying the needs and goals of each Licensor and Licensee, in order to create individualized strategies and programs.

Our years of experience in intellectual property, marketing, and product development qualifies us to help brand owners and licensees bring successful products, services and brand programs to market successfully.

JAM Brands prides itself on building strong, meaningful relationships between Licensors and Licensees and employs a highly selective, tried and tested approach to linking appropriate product categories and concepts with the brands involved.

What We Do

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Meet the Founders of JAM Brands

Andrew Menceles



Andrew is co-founder of JAM Brands Inc., and has worked for 25+ years in the licensing business, both on the licensor and licensee sides. He is known for his passion for consumer products and for his deep understanding of branding and trending.


Judy is co-founder of JAM Brands Inc. and has also worked for 25+ years creating new licensing product concepts as well as strategic branding and promotions.


Judy Menceles


Brands We've Worked With

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